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Sandy Beach
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"Out and About"

Welcome to our brand new entertainment Blog.

 Destination Wellness is all about reviewing places in your local neighbourhood,  surrounding areas, the city, or country, and even the odd staycation.  

It's about taking yourself out of the house to enjoy some special times

at a place reviewed for you by your peers who understand your needs.

 It is so important that we are able to go out into our community,

as it builds resilience and is good for our mental health and wellbeing. 

Follow our adventures

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Welcome to our adventures...


Welcome to our new entertainment segment and Blog Destination Wellness

Your two reviewers are Helen Blanchard our Lifestyle Editor and Melissa Dumitru our Editor-in-Chief of Honeybee Lifestyle Magazine, and we are so excited to be sharing these places and people with you.

These is the first of many wonderful locations that we have been lucky enough to visit and review for people living with extra health challenges.   Our reviews are based on our personal experiences and disabilities, and are a guide only. We are adding reviewers to our list so if you would like to be considered please drop us an email, and look out for new reviews coming soon. 

The first of our reviews are all set in the Australian state of Western Australia. We try to be specific with the suburb and location using google maps and in relation to major roads and highways. 

Each location we visit is judged by a specific criteria.  Each criteria we felt they met is awarded a Honeybee rating = 0-5

 1 - Location, parking and access for all abilities and age groups.

2 - Public toilet/bathrooms access and cleanliness.

3 - Customer service, greeting.

4 - Atmosphere and suitability for different abilities and age groups.

5 - Food, entertainment, costs involved. 

Click to go directly to our Blog or scroll down for all the places we have visited as part of Destination Wellness.

(These reviews are completely independant and are  not paid for, nor did we receive any discounts.)

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Submark V2.png
Submark V2.png
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Honeybee's = 4

Honeybee's = 4

Honeybee's = 4

Honeybee's = 5


More reviews coming soon. Click on the Blog for more.

If you live in another state of Australia and are a member or subscriber who would like to be considered to do reviews, please contact us. 

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