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Welcome to this incredible resource page. All resources are from The Wellness Society Organisation based in the UK. They work with both clinical psychologists, life coaches, and lived experience people to create worksheets, workbooks, and just about anything that can help you with your personal growth and mental health.


The majority of these resources which are evidence based, are free and no longer copyright!

There may be a small fee if you want to purchase anything that isn't already free.

Enjoy looking around and exploring their incredible resources and subscribe to their Enewsletter too. 

What people are saying...

“It was like all the knowledge I had accumulated over the last decade was neatly organized and easy to understand all in one place.”
“The ‘stories’ section and the way the system 1 and 2 thinking is explained was a major light bulb for me, despite me being a mental health social worker.”
“This toolkit took me from depressive with no hope for the future to blossoming, with good relationships, goals and better habits for success. This toolkit is like 10 therapy sessions in one.”

These practical tools can help you...

  • Reduce stress and anxiety - Learn coping skills to help you achieve a calmer mind and body

  • Boost mood and energy - Use evidence-based tools to feel happier and more energised

  • Keep engaged - Stay focused with easy to understand, concise content

  • Gain new insights - Experience light-bulb moments and understand yourself better

  • Get more sleep - Sleep more and reduce stress and anxiety with our practical, step-by-step guide

  • Improve your relationships - Develop the skills for long-lasting, healthy relationships

What's included...

CLICK to go directly to the Wellness Society page for these items to read more and purchase.  Take a look at the FREE TOOLS page, check out their BLOG, ART and more...

While you are on their website take a good look around at all the other wonderful tools and resources to assist you on your self-growth journey.  


Easily digestible and beautifully designed mental health wellbeing tools for the Individual, Coaches, Therapists, and Organisations - Take control now! 

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