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Welcome to a refreshing new lifestyle magazine for people living with chronic illness, disabilities, mental health conditions and those who care for and support us. 

This brave and unique step forward into an exciting exchange of stories brought to you from writers with a lived experience, will pave the way forward for those of us who's voices have been silenced or diminished due to the chronic conditions we or a loved one or friend live with.

This magazine is a great read for anyone, but in particular those of us living with extra health challenges.

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You deserve a lifestyle magazine

that makes you feel special.

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What can HoneyBee Lifestyle

Magazine do for you?  

Why should you subscribe to

HoneyBee Lifestyle Magazine?  

That allows you to feel included and excited to receive each edition as it lifts your spirits, and includes you in it's approach to empower you as you walk your through your journey. 

It gives you a time out to treat yourself and relax from the day's stresses with opportunities to immerse yourself in the stories, information and helpful hints and tips on how to enhance your wellbeing. 

I was asked by someone why they should subscribe to my magazine. The answer was simple. It is a place where you can come to feel safe, included, accepted, entertained, and inspired.


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Chronically Inspired - Life.Beyond.Disability

ABN: 872 013 043 85

Branch: ANZ

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Account: 432 165 917

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Meet our Wonderful 
Lived Experienced Contributors


Jackie Rowe

Qualified Mindset Coach - Training Facilitator

Advanced Psych K Practitioner - Motivational Speaker

Certified Women's Circle Facilitator -

Jackie is a University qualified Life Coach, Strengths Based Practitioner, Psych K Facilitator, and Women's Circle Facilitator. With a background in Early Childhood Years, Families and Community, Jackie now works predominantly with women to empower and inspire. Her vision is for all women to realise their amazing true potential, to speak their truth without fear and live a life they love.

Fay Bahemia

Winner "40 Under 40" & multiple Community Awards

Cert IV Professional Writing & Editing

Cert IV Community Services

BSc (Microbiology & Pharmacology)

Grad Dip Food Science & Technology

Clinical Trials Coordinator in Radiation Oncology

Fay has worked and volunteered with peer-support groups and NFPs, helping them to reach their goals and visions through freelancing. She has held key industry positions in quality assurance, regulatory affairs, biomedical research and manufacturing, training, and communications in various sectors. Fay has a lived experience which changed her life trajectory in 2015. She is an avid dancer, lover of visual art and a fan of beautiful cars. She has a quirky nature that draws people to her. Fay is meticulous in all she does, and I am thrilled to have her on our team as our resident proofreader.

Hayley Solich

Connecting Communities to make positive change

Consultant Advisor Mental Health Sector - Website

Blog - Founder Women Can Inc

Jackie is a University qualified Life Coach, Strengths Based Practitioner, Psych K Facilitator, and Women's Circle Facilitator. With a background in Early Childhood Years, Families and Community, Jackie now works predominantly with women to empower and inspire. Her vision is for all women to realise their amazing true potential, to speak their truth without fear and live a life they love.

Marie Williams

Founder, The Platform WA

Intellectual Disability Advocate and Change-Maker

Mental Health Educator for WARCA

E: W:

Marie founded The Platform WA, a new community group focussing on intellectual disability for young adults like her daughter, Laura. Marie has been trained in Leadership and Mental Health education to become a WA Recovery College Alliance educator, where she co-designs courses aimed at people living with intellectual disability. She is a change-maker working at the coal face to improve perception and awareness. She has several years' experience working in non-profit charity sector, and the early childhood field as a teaching assistant.

Mystery Writer

The Girl in the Silk Green Dress - Fiction

The writer behind the ''Girl in the Silk Green Dress" is someone with many years' writing experience.

This mystery writer studied Journalism and has a very good understanding of social justice and community.

I approached this mystery writer to offer a fictional character storyline that we can all enjoy and look forward to. I hope you enjoy their work as much as we are enjoying sharing it with you.

Jacqueline De Grussa

Sociologist specialising in the area of Trauma, Addiction & Recovery, Founder Women's & Men's Recovery Community

Founder and Managing Director Recovery Collective Ltd

Jackie is a University qualified Life Coach, Strengths Based Practitioner, Psych K Facilitator, and Women's Circle Facilitator. With a background in Early Childhood Years, Families and Community, Jackie now works predominantly with women to empower and inspire. Her vision is for all women to realise their amazing true potential, to speak their truth without fear and live a life they love.

Angela Famiano

Masters Social Science (Counselling & Psychotherapy) Grad Cert Disability Studies, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology Family & Children Services Diploma Community Services/Child Services 0-15 yrs

Angela is an accomplished Counsellor specialising in alcohol & other drugs. She has a special interest in men's advocacy and believes that counselling is not so much about fixing things, but acknowledging them and working with your strengths. Her vision is to be part of people's journey to self-improvement and helping them find a place that makes them truly happy.

Helen Blanchard

Registered Nurse (retired)

Diploma of Arts Psychotherapy

Health Educator (Published)

Helen has a wealth of experience, knowledge and practical skills gained over more than 35 years working in a variety of senior roles within the health, community service and not-for-profit settings. She has a lived experience of chronic illness, and is passionate about creating and sharing health-related education information and resources. Helen is committed to advocating for a person-centred approach to health care and has a particular interest in the expressive therapies and art as a therapy for people living with chronic illness.

Dianne Murphy

Carer Representative (Palliative Care)

Carer & Disability Advocate NDIS

Carers Event Coordinator

Business & Administration Manager

Dianne has worked in the Business & Administration field for over 40 years. She is also a Carer & Disability Advocate who supports her adult children (all with disabilities). Di is the Founder of Creative Carers whose focus is around art, craft, and nurturing mental health.

Inclusion is very important to Di. She coordinates a social group called "Staying Connected" for those who care for others, and she is an organiser and coordinator for Retreats & Events to celebrate Carers in the community.

Erica Huntzinger

Public Relations Awareness Ambassador

Contributor for The Mighty online magazine


Kez Wickham St George

Jenny Gleeson

Jaymee-Lee Farrelly

_Chronically Inspired Writer Images (13).png
_Chronically Inspired Writer Images (14).png

Kez Wickham St George is an award-winning author who champions people from diverse backgrounds to reveal the best of their creative side. As a leader in her profession, a public speaker, an accomplished author in magazines, Kez leverages her extensive travels, experience, and expansive authorship to encourage readers to think outside the box. It is not surprising that Kez is known globally as 'The Writers Consultant'. Kez has written work for two royal families, one in the UK, the other in Sweden. She has co-compiled an anthology on the lives of various women internationally. Recently Kez published a trilogy of poetry books and her dream of the big screen was realized when a movie was made from the prologue of her last novel Scribe in the trilogy Campfires.Kez is passionate about promoting high-quality growth opportunities for all.

Bachelor of Primary and Secondary Education (Honours)

Former Disability Support Worker (2.5 years)

Facebook Blog: My Chronically Breathtaking Sister

Jaymee-Lee is the creator of a Facebook blog called ‘My Chronically Breathtaking Sister’ – a blog dedicated to her late sister, Rachael, who lived with a chronic lung condition. Her blog aims to bring awareness to often unspoken topics, to educate others on chronic illnesses and organ transplants/donation, to help manage her grief and to carry on her sister’s legacy. Jaymee-Lee has a passion for providing equitable opportunities to those around her and plans to predominantly work with EAL and disabled students once she graduates her teaching degree at the end of 2022.

Educator & Facilitator

Disruptor and Annoyer (In a caring way)

Expert Personality Dimensions Profiler

A person know to help people get their shizzle together!


Jenny started as a Secondary English Teacher but then became extremely disillusioned with the Education System (it didn't take long - less than a year), which led her into completing a Graduate Certificate of Career Development, leading her to work with youth at risk, people with disability, First Nations people and winning National and State Awards. Jenny was diagnosed with depression and anxiety (way before the terms were even heard of by mainstream Perth-ites) at the age of 11 and institutionalised at the age of 13. Although anxiety is still in her life, she keeps it in the periphery of her vision, accepting and acknowledging it is there but it doesn't control her anymore. Her drive in life is to assist people be the best they can be...warts and all!

Erica is an Associate Producer for She participates in the planning and delivery of podcast series and PSA videos. She is involved in Project Coordination, patient support groups and conducts surveys for topics of interest for future podcasts. She researches in the field of pulmonary hypertension in the USA.

_Chronically Inspired Writer Images (11).png

Melissa Dumitru

Creative Director & Editor-in-Chief

Honeybee Lifestyle Magazine and Website.

Community Services Consultant.

Mental Health Educator WA Recovery College Alliance.

Support Group Facilitator for The Tastebuds Club.

Lived Experience Patient Expert for Merakoi (PAH).

LinkedIn - Instagram - Facebook: @chronicallyinspiredau


Passionate Changemaker & Influencer

Melissa has worked in the Community Services Self Help & Support Group sector for over 20 years. She is a multi award winning Patient Expert and Lived Experience Professional.

She is a passionate changemaker and influencer representing inclusion, integrity, innovation and promotion within the fields of chronic illness, disability, and mental health conditions.

Melissa loves interior design and decorating.

She is an avid baker and home cook.

Laura Williams

Founder The Platform WA Community Support Group

Certificate II Hospitality

Lover of music, dance and TV medical dramas

Letisha Living 

Author of Finding Yourself After Stroke Stroke Recovery and Empowerment Coach Consumer Advisory Committee Gold Coast Health & Hospital Service Diploma of Mental Health Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Socials: @LetishaLiving @FindingYourselfAfterStroke Email: letisha@findingyourselfafterstroke

I try to be a role model to my little sister and others in

the intellectually disabled community.

I have down syndrome but that doesn't stop me from being who I am. I work in the city at a 5 star Hotel called Pan Pacific  Perth.. They support me through their open employment program. Please help us to grow the platform WA page and my support group page for young adults living with intellectual disability. Enjoy my recipes from Laura's Kitchen.

Letisha is a survivor of stroke who is passionate about raising awareness for stroke and the challenges that arise adjusting to life after stroke. She uses her lived experiences to assist in improving outcomes for others by partnering with researchers, universities, stroke organisations, health and hospital services. Letisha loves being in nature, cooking and spending time with her children.

_Chronically Inspired Facebook Cover  (1).png

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Chronically Inspired - Life.Beyond.Disability

ABN: 872 013 043 85

Bank: ANZ - BSB:  016 338  Account Number: 432 165 917

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