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'Gather Together' at our bi-monthly support group luncheons.

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Living with illness, a chronic condition, a physical or intellectual disability or a mental health condition, or being a Carer, can often mean you are left isolated and unable to get out and about.  In my experience if people feel safe, included, and are interested in seeing and mixing with the people who come along, they usually try to make the effort to attend. I know that even on the days when you may not feel like going out, if you do make the effort you often feel quite refreshed and happy you did afterwards.

Being included, welcomed, and feeling safe in the space you meet up in is also very important. The act of fellowship over a shared meal often leads to meaningful discussions, shared stories, building of relationships, and forming real connections that last, and add to the quality of our lives. Spending time with others who really understand your story and accept you is usually the most important thing to us.

The sense of belonging we have felt on renewing these meetings face to face since the start of Covid have been invaluable. I hope you will consider joining us for our next get together. Everyone is welcome at my table so please reach out and become a member.

As a person living with the progressive condition Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (a rare lung disease), I also have a special interest in supporting people with the same or similar conditions. 


Melissa Dumitru

Consultant & Support Group Facilitator/Educator 

Details are on the invitation below, or you can RSVP directly: M: 0418930291 or

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Gather together at the Tastebuds Club!

Real Conversations. Great Food.
Happy Mind & Tummy

Held in Perth WA, we meet bi-monthly at a Bistro in the northern suburbs with great parking and disabled facilities, an affordable menu and a comfortable safe environment. You, your family carers, and friends are all welcome to join in our supportive and fun luncheons for some much needed self care and socialisation.



Thank you for registering your interest, we will be in touch.


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There are so many ways to get involved, be heard and learn from others going through the same things as you. 

You're not alone, so you don't have to do it alone!

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Join us at our Community Courses hosted by WARCA & the North Metro Tafe WA

Great for your mental health, wellbeing

and artistic self.  ALL FREE

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Tastebuds Club

Join us at our fun social support group 

gatherings in Perth, Western Australia.

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Find links, videos and support materials to help you on your journey. 

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A community support group that walks alongside people living with intellectual disabilities so they can thrive in their everyday life. Offering an interactive open and closed Facebook page/s, and co-designed Free interactive educational courses in WA.


Our Mission is to see our loved ones with intellectual disability, Living life - not just viewing it from the sidelines!



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