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Hi, I'm Melissa

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I am a multi award winning Patient Expert and Lived Experience Professional.

I act as a storyteller, networker and consultant in the self-help & support group, community services & mental health sectors.

I am a passionate changemaker and influencer, things that are important to me are:

Inclusion - Representation - Acknowledgment - Promotion - Integrity - Fun - Innovation

Life beyond disability

We endeavour to showcase our amazing stories and talent from the many contributors we work with in a variety of ways such as throughout our Lifestyle Magazine, Website, Honeybee Hive and Quarterly Enews.  We also have interactive social media platforms to follow and our LinkedIn professional profile.

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My Story

I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in 2008 after three horrific long years of being misdiagnosed and told my symptoms were all in my head. By this stage my heart was in advanced failure and I was dying.  I was filled with fluid and could barely breathe or walk, bound to my bed and a wheelchair. I would lay in bed knowing that something was terribly wrong. Knowing I was dying, and wondering why nobody could figure out why, no matter how many tests I had.  What eventually followed was a near death experience with me ending up in ICU attached to many machines.  

Read my full story by clicking here

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Vision & Mission

During this time I also completed my Certificate IV in Community Services to work in Allied Health, and continue to educate myself by also becoming a Certified Mental Health Educator for the WA Recovery College Alliance (which is a world-wide initiative to bring education to the community through co-design of the lived and learned experience).


I have grown to become a "Patient Expert" through my "Lived Experience" of 12 plus years, and I have added Consultant, Community Support Worker, and Editor-in-Chief to my recent list of achievements. 

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Our Vision

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Our Mission

Chronically Inspired envisions a community where individuals, with chronic illnesses, mental health issues & disabilities both physical and intellectual, are accepted into our society exactly as they are. Recognised as having the same qualities, talents, flaws, and challenges as anyone else.  And given the same advantages and privilege without exception. 

Chronically Inspired exists to reinforce the purity of one message; the lived experience and patient expert stories through Honeybee Lifestyle Magazine, and our lifestyle website. We empower through inspiring storytelling, informative content, and supportive collaboration of the unique journeys and lived experiences from our collaborators, and through our networking to highlight the incredible lives so many in our community are living despite their many challenges.

Behind the Branding

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