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The Mid-Century Cafe & Collectables

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Location & all the deets 56-58 Michael Street, Yokine WA 6060 Open 7 days a week - 7.00am - 3.00pm (1.00pm Sunday) Telephone: 9344 7314 Breakfast - Brunch - Lunch - Dine-in - In-store pickup Facebook:

Reviewers: Helen Blanchard and Melissa Dumitru

Five Star Honeybee Rating is based on the following criteria. ​ Location, Parking & Access Toilet facilities & Access: Customer Service: Atmosphere & Suitability: Food & Cost: ​

Review: Helen I chose this location as it was somewhere a little bit different and looked like a bit of fun. Reviews online were all very good, so off we went. :) ​Melissa I was interested and excited to visit somewhere new in another suburb, and open to the retro vibe that I had been told to expect.

Location Yokine is a very well established suburb and with a little help from Google maps we were there in about 30 minutes from Ocean Reef in the Northern Suburbs. The Cafe is set on a corner with some seating outside, nestled happily within the neighbourhood.

Parking & Access The car park was pretty full with only one dedicated disabled bay, which fortunately was free that day. There are various places you could park on the surrounding streets, but you should take that into account. Entry into the cafe was flat and allowed for my oxygen trolley so I think anyone with a walker or wheelchair should also be ok. ​

Toilet Facilities On entering we took note of the disabled toilets, which were clean and located in an area that has wheelchair access to the rear of the cafe.

Customer Service When you enter the cafe you can make your way to any table of your choosing. You are very quickly aware of the efficient staff who bustle about the tables greeting people by name, and delivering food with a genuine smile. Menus are on the tables and everything is themed, clean, tidy and inviting. There is so much to look at it may take you a while to read the actual menu! You do need to go up to the counter to order and pay, and then your food and beverages arrive promptly and with a lovely greeting.

Atmosphere & Suitability When we walked into the cafe we were greeted by a time capsule to the 1960's! What a visual feast this is. Whoever is in charge of finding and displaying the vast memorabilia is doing a fabulous job. Think mid-century modern meets the Brady Bunch house! :)) We headed for the back of the cafe where there was booth seating (gotta take care of my back)! The atmosphere was quite lively, but not in an overly loud way. People were having a lovely time, from young mums with kids in prams, to happy seniors getting together over brunch and everything in-between. The huge table of people we were next to told us they were regulars and loved coming down as often as they could. Living nearby meant this was literally their local! That could be dangerous.... :)) The overall feel is eclectic, comfortable (depending on where you sit), a nice ambient temperature, and a good energetic vibe.

Food & Cost The cost was good for a cafe and there was a huge choice of food and beverages, along with desserts and cakes in the display cabinet. They cater to most dietary needs from what I could see on the menu, and had a really good variety of choices on offer. Helen and I often share our food and the portions were so generous I am glad we did. It was no drama for us to be given extra plates or cutlery either. We had the breakfast special followed by the pancake stack with berry compote, yummmmy! The coffee was pretty damn good too. :) So good we had another one each. The variety of food that was coming out was mouth watering and makes you want to come back again soon so you can try something new.

Finishing Touches We really enjoyed our trip to this cafe and if it were my local I would probably frequent it a lot, but I wouldn't go too often given the distance I live from it. Well worth a visit though just for the experience. Great food and wonderful service, you won't be sorry you made the effort. Apart from the slight parking issues that could arise and how you feel about sitting on a mid-century chair with a chronic condition or disability, I think this is a great recommendation. ​

Honeybee Rating = 4 out of 5 (one bee lost due to possible parking issues, and comfort of the chairs available to sit on).

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