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Lavender Bistro Swan Valley

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Location & all the deets 6 Cranleigh Street, West Swan WA 6055 Open 7 days a week 9.00am - 5.00pm Telephone: 9250 1513 Website: Dine-in morning and afternoon tea- lunch - No Delivery - Facebook:

Reviewers Helen Blanchard and Melissa Dumitru ​

Five Star Honeybee Rating is based on the following criteria. ​ Location, Parking & Access: Toilet facilities & Access: Customer Service: Atmosphere & Suitability: Food & Cost: ​

Review by Helen I was tasked with finding new and accessible locations we could visit for either brunch, lunch or a morning or afternoon tea. My google app got quite the work out as I set about this exciting task that I knew would involve stepping outside my comfort zone and Melissa's. I love a good drive to the country so off to the Swan Valley we drove.... Melissa It was with some trepidation and anticipation I found myself being whisked away to this new location for a High Tea. I don't like to travel too far from home because I often need to be near a toilet in a hurry. I was ok on this particular day although I was feeling a little tired (I think the photos show this unfortunately).

Location We approached this location using Gnangara Road from the northern suburbs using Google maps and found it easily. It is a good 30 minute drive and makes a lovely day trip. Who doesn't love the Swan Valley and all it has to offer after all?

Parking We pulled into an enormous carpark with several dedicated disabled bays available. It's nice and flat and has very easy access through the entry. Wheelchair, walking frames, oxygen trolleys are all accommodated. ​

Toilet Facilities Easy to locate and access from inside the restaurant, clean and tidy with disability toilet and baby change station. ​

Customer Service I don't think I have ever been greeted so warmly and sincerely by anyone in the restaurant business. The young man who welcomed us and showed us to our table was relaxed and excited for us to experience his restaurant for the first time. It was a very good start to the day. The service continued this way with prompt coffee and tea orders followed by the arrival of our High Tea stand. A short explanation of the food and cakes and we were left to enjoy ourselves with the odd check-in to do refills.

Atmosphere & Suitability As we looked around we noticed everything was clean and fresh and well spaced apart for privacy. There are expansive floor to ceiling windows so you can take in the country veranda and surrounding views. They aren't vast, but they are pleasant and all added to the ambience. The restaurants seating and tables were comfortable, if you have a back problem you may want to take a cushion with you. The temperature was pleasant, I do wonder how they would go in summer, although there was several air-conditioning units. With chronic illness temperature really does make a difference when you go out. The first thing we noticed was all the fabulous merchandise for sale, which is neatly displayed for you to browse through. I immediately jumped on that and bought some lovely Jam and lavender sachets for my drawers. I am very affected by smells due to my breathing issues so I was worried there would be lavender diffusers puffing out furiously. Thankfully they know about restraint, and I was very happy with no hayfever attacks or breathing issues. :)

Food & Cost We had decided to share the High Tea and I was really interested to see what this would be like given I have had many, many occasions to enjoy this lovely ritual. I would warn you that if you do not like lavender in your food, then you may not like the high tea food. I was worried and needn't of been, but a girlfriend didn't enjoy the flavour so keep that in mind if you are going in a group. We devoured the three tiers of food presented to us in a very modern stand. Everything was really fresh and tasty and unexpectedly delicious. I was so worried it would all taste like lavender soap, but all the flavours came through from the pastries to the cakes. Delicate and beautifully made, all the food is home made on site. At a mere $28pp I was very impressed with the food we were given and would happily have devoured more if it had been offered! :)) We were watching the staff come and go with various plates of food from puff pasty pies to devonshire tea and all manner of frothy looking milkshakes. I think there is something for everyone on this menu, within reason.

Finishing Touches This was an unexpected lovely experience for both of us. I would definitely recommend and return to the Bistro. It was busy but calm and orderly, which is what you need when you are unwell and venturing out. A lovely way to while away the hours on a Spring afternoon. Where you pay there are pre-packaged homemade cookies for you to purchase and warm smile thanking you for joining them that day. I since found out many of my friends have visited and love it there too. I think they're doing something right, wouldn't you say? ​

Honeybee Rating = 4 out of 5 (one bee lost due to possible dislike of lavender in your food)

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