"Self-care is how
you take your power back."

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Hi, I'm Melissa

I would like to welcome you to Chronically Inspired - Life.Beyond.Disability.   


I have been living, dying, and surviving for over twelve years now with pulmonary hypertension. It is a chronic progressive disease and has no cure. As part of my new normal I live with oxygen therapy and life saving medication that is administered through a continuous IV that goes directly into my heart. In 2008 my entire world changed when after three years of being ill, I was in ICU on the edge of dying and was given my diagnosis.  It’s been a journey peppered with further trauma and challenges, but also one of deep wisdom, strength, and resilience.

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The life that I knew began to slip away as I now had to navigate living with a chronic illness and try to adjust and process that this would be my new normal. It was very challenging, isolating and really scary at times. There was no local support group, no one I could talk to about having this illness. I longed for connection with others who had walked this path, to learn from them and see what might be ahead for me.

As I couldn’t find a group I educated myself on self help and support groups. I really wanted to make a difference to others, so their journey would be easier to navigate than mine had been. So I began to study gaining new skills and qualifications and armed with this new knowledge and awareness I established my own support group. Over the years we grew to a network, and eventually a non-profit charity. We were very successful and gave people with this illness the connection, companionship, information and resources that I had once looked for. We helped thousands of people even breaking ground with awards for patient resources and innovation over the years.

I ran the group for over ten years and  I gave it my all, and then some! I loved the journey and the amazing people I worked with and helped, even though there were some really tough times with my health and my life.  In 2018 another near death experience hit me and I suffered a huge trauma which resulted in being diagnosed with PTSD. Now I had something else new and scary to work with, a mental health condition!  This shift in my health created a new direction for me and in 2020 as the global pandemic shook the world to it's core, everything had to be reconsidered and I had to reflect on how I could serve in other ways and take the time I needed for balance and self care. A whole new way of life began for me, one I am so grateful for!  

In 2020 my creative mind once again took action and I began to develop a new approach called "Chronically Inspired - Life.Beyond.Disability". The support group began to emerge in a new innovative way and I continued to do my part to improve the lives of people living with chronic illness and disability. My beautiful group members supported me as we regrouped and connected through an inspiring seasonal magazine, "HoneyBee", which gives a voice to those with chronic illness and disability directly, and from writers with a lived experience. We could still connect while sharing knowledge, resources & information, but in a more exciting format.  Members became subscribers, we scaled back the face to face commitments and began a new journey of sharing, connecting and learning.  I started a social support group called "The TasteBuds Club", where we socialise and gather together for fellowship, and plan to start adding lifestyle video's showcasing the amazing work and achievements in our community, based around those living with, or supporting those who are chronically ill and disabled. 

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I have completed further education and training to become a mental health educator, and have also begun working with young people living with intellectual disability. I network with some new and amazing people and we are growing and diversifying in a beautiful way.  

Please look around, subscribe to the magazine and e-news and come back often. If you live in WA please join us at one of our luncheons, everyone is welcome at my table.  For more about my story please click .  Love and blessings always Melissa x (Honeybee)

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Why I chose this work

I have a passion to strive to improve the lives and bring happiness to as many people as possible, with a lived experience of disability and chronic illness.

My Intention

 Is to inspire others through the stories of those with lived experiences of disability and chronic illness personally, or through a family member or friend.

My Role

I act as a storyteller, net-worker and consultant in the space of chronic illness and disability.

 Who Benefits   

We all do, but in particular individuals, families and friends of those with a

lived experience of chronic illness and disability.

HoneyBee LifeStyle Magazine

A seasonal lifestyle magazine written especially for people with chronic illness, disability, mental health challenges, and so much more.  For you, your carers, family and friends..


Everyone needs some quiet time out to enjoy a moment alone reconnecting with themselves.


Reading the stories in my lifestyle magazine helps you do exactly that.

With something for everyone, from inspiration & laughter, to thought provoking and life changing, and all written by contributors with a lived experience, who understand the challenges of living with chronic illness and disability. 


Let me share these stories with you and help you to make a difference in your life. Share your own story with me and allow me to highlight you in a future edition of our magazine to promote the inspirational and amazing person or organisation you are! 

Become a regular contributor of the magazine and write for our readers regularly, or advertise with us and share your product or service (coming soon). 


"Quiet Time - Relax, Reflect & Grow"

"What's Your Mood"" - Quarterly E-News


""Always be a work in progress and live a life of intention.""

Connect to your community with the quarterly electronic edition of my Enewsletter - What's Your Mood.


Stay up to date with all the latest chronic illness, mental health, and disability articles, as well as some great human interest and educational information.

Explore the links provided to other great publications you can subscribe to, and enjoy the little extra's that make this publication a happy little nugget to keep you in the loop without overwhelming you. 

"Gather Together""

Join in with our Social Support Group today

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 'TasteBuds Club W.A'

Food & Nourishment for the mind, body and soul

Since the arrival of the Corona-virus Pandemic many things have had to change. We have moved online for the most part, which has prevented those face-to-face outings and meetups. I for one missed those very much. In WA we are fortunate to date that we can meet again in person, so I have come up with a new concept called "Gather Together - TasteBuds Club", a support group with a difference!  

To date we meet every 8 weeks at a tavern with great parking and disabled facilities, an affordable menu and a comfortable safe environment. You, your family and friends are all welcome to join in on our supportive and fun luncheons. Everyone is welcome at my table. Email me today and be added to the mailing list for invitations. 



Apart from the opportunity to subscribe and become part of our active community at Chronically Inspired, you can also take advantage of our reasonable rates for adverting in our lifestyle magazine.  

In the coming months the magazine will be evolving and is already growing into many new markets and areas of interest. If you would like to discuss becoming a sponsor, a writer with a lived experience, or advertise your product and or service, please contact me today for more information.

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Gaby Worthington
Sponsor & CEO 

As a Sponsor of Chronically Inspired we are very proud to support Founder Melissa Dumitru in her endeavours to provide an excellent resource for sufferers of chronic illness & disability.. The HoneyBee magazine would have to be one of the most helpful, informative magazines that absolutely inspires those with health challenges to live their best life.. Melissa speaks and informs from a lived experience .. a very powerful insight into individuals suffering chronic diseases.. a fantastic read for sufferers and their Partners, Friends, Supporters alike.. one day this fabulous magazine will be in all sorts of Medical Practitioners offices as a little Life Saver for those afflicted in so many ways..


Jackie Rowe
Focus Coaching

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