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This website is still active.   We expect our final product to be ready for launch at the end of June this year. 

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Hi, I'm Melissa

Welcome to my story.

The year was 2020, which would become known as the year of the Pandemic.

A pivotal year for many of us, for many reasons.

From broken to re-building myself, this story starts a little late, after a very big chapter that preceded it. For many reasons that chapter had to be left behind so that a new one could be written. 

I hope my story, my work, my passion, continues to inspire and drive my vision to bring a little bit of happiness to the lives of others living with chronic illness, mental health conditions, or disabilities, and those who support us.

(For more about my story click here)


Love and blessings always Melissa xx (HoneyBee)


Why I chose this work

I am passionate about improving the lives of people living with chronic illness, disability, and mental health conditions.  I want to help break down barriers, reduce isolation, promote inclusion, inspire and give a voice to people within our community. 



My Intention

Chronically Inspired and the beautiful HoneyBee Lifestyle magazine share information helpful to people living with chronic illness, disability, and mental health conditions, and those who care for them.   My team of Lived Experience writers and Patient Experts are committed to providing content that will inform, assist, educate and showcase topics important to people in our community.



My Role

I am a Patient Expert and Lived Experience Professional.

I act as a storyteller, networker and consultant in the self-help, support group,

community services & mental health sectors. I am a disability advocate and mental health educator, influencer, change-maker and community Champion.



Who Benefits   

This lifestyle website and magazine are a great read for anyone in our community, but in particular those of us living with extra health challenges. In Australia that is around 47.3% of us who live with one or more chronic conditions, and 1 in 5 Australians living with a disability.



Our Community

Deserves a lifestyle website and magazine that makes them feel special, empowered and truly seen and heard.  The people within our community want to be valued for the unique human beings that they are, not identified as patients, or victims and pigeonholed by medical jargon. We need an innovative and creative place that represents who we are as well as showing us what we can be. Chronically Inspired does this through its website, community support group, online community presence,  community network, and lifestyle magazine.



Support and Recovery

Takes many forms and has multiple approaches.

Our approach is holistic, inclusive, offering both in-person and online, electronic, and hard copy showcasing the great work we are all doing in our community. 

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We offer a seasonal lifestyle magazine written especially for people with chronic illness,  disability, mental health challenges, and so much more.  For you, your carers, family and friends..for all our community.


Everyone needs some quiet time out to enjoy a moment alone reconnecting with themselves. Reading the stories in our lifestyle magazine helps you do exactly that.  With something for everyone, from inspiration & laughter, to thought provoking and life changing, and all written by contributors with a lived experience who understand the challenges of living with chronic illness, disability and mental health conditions.   

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"Quiet Time - Relax, Reflect & Recover"


Quarterly Enews Mini-Bites from your community


""Always be a work in progress and live a life of intention.""

Connect to your community with the quarterly electronic edition of my Enewsletter - Honeybee Hive.


Stay up to date with all the latest chronic illness, mental health, and disability articles, as well as some great human interest and educational information.

Explore the links provided to other great publications you can subscribe to, and enjoy the little extras that make this publication a happy little nugget to keep you in the loop without overwhelming you. 

The Tastebuds Club

A community support group with a difference.. 

"Gather Together"

Food & Nourishment for the mind, body and soul

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Since the arrival of the Corona-virus Pandemic many things have had to change. We have moved online for the most part, which has prevented those face-to-face outings and meetups. I for one missed those very much. In WA we are fortunate to date that we can meet again in person, so I have come up with a new concept called "Gather Together - TasteBuds Club", a support group with a difference!  

To date we meet every 8 weeks at a tavern with great parking and disabled facilities, an affordable menu and a comfortable safe environment. You, your family and friends are all welcome to join in on our supportive and fun luncheons. Everyone is welcome at my table. Email me today and be added to the mailing list for invitations or register as a member today. 


Gaby Worthington
Managing Director


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As a Sponsor of Chronically Inspired we are very proud to support Founder Melissa Dumitru in her endeavours to provide an excellent resource for sufferers of chronic illness & disability.


The HoneyBee magazine would have to be one of the most helpful, informative magazines that absolutely inspires those with health challenges to live their best life.


Melissa speaks and informs from a lived experience ... a very powerful insight into individuals suffering chronic diseases.. a fantastic read for sufferers and their Partners, Friends, Supporters alike..


One day this fabulous magazine will be in all sorts of Medical Practitioners offices as a little Life Saver for those afflicted in so many ways..

Need Support? Not sure where to start?

If you live in Western Australia we are fortunate enough to have this amazing Peak Body for all your Self Help & Support Groups needs.  All the non-profits, Charities and Community Groups are registered through CG and they have over 800 different support groups for you to pick from.  A warm, friendly and professional team await your call.

Click for more information or ring 08 9364 6909

Email: info@connectgroups.org.au

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Proud Sponsors and Supporters to Chronically Inspired - Life.Beyond.Disability


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