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I get so inspired by certain YouTube clips and the people who present them don't you? 

I am relatively new to exploring this platform (I know, shock horror what rock have I been living under), but I think that these things come to you when you are ready. 

I want to share just a few people with you here on my YouTube page as they inspire and help me grow. They provide hope, happiness, perspective and so much more because they are sharing their stories from a true lived experience. 

So settle in and enjoy the first of my offerings, the lovely and amazing Chloe Temtchine, pulmonary hypertension warrior and now, transplant recipient. I am starting with the first film she has produced since her life saving gift in August 2020. She is beloved to so many of us in this community and I for one am so grateful that she is alive to film this and share her story with us.  Melissa :) xx