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Welcome to a refreshing new lifestyle magazine for people living with chronic illness, disabilities, mental health challenges and those who care for and support us. 

This brave and unique step forward into an exciting exchange of stories bought to you from writers with a lived experience, will pave the way forward for those of us who's voices have been silenced or diminished due to the chronic conditions we or a loved one or friend live with.

This magazine is a great read for anyone, but in particular those of us living with extra health challenges.

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Welcome to HoneyBee Lifestyle Magazine
From Editor-in-Chief Melissa Dumitru 

You deserve a lifestyle magazine that makes you feel special.
That allows you to feel included and excited to receive each edition as it lifts your spirits, and includes you in it's approach to empower you as you walk your through your journey. 

Why you should subscribe to HoneyBee Lifestyle Magazine.  
It gives you a time out to treat yourself and relax from the day's stresses with opportunities to immerse yourself in the stories, information and helpful hints and tips on how to manage your life and health a little easier. 

I was asked by someone why they should subscribe to my magazine. The answer was simple. It is a place where you can come to feel safe, included, accepted, entertained, and inspired.

I compile this magazine from scratch four times a year, and for each edition I have brought together some amazing writers who are all Lived Experience Patient Experts with journeys full of stories that are begging to be shared with others.  To date I have contributors from various areas such as mental health, pulmonary hypertension, recovery and intellectual disability. I am always looking for more writers so that we represent everyone in our community and are as inclusive as possible. 

Inclusion is everything to me as a person and the Editor of HoneyBee, along with raised awareness of the different types of people living within our society and community who we need to be aware of and more engaged with. 

Hopefully one or more of the articles or growth activities is helpful to you in a more meaningful way that you can then implement into your everyday life. 

For each edition I also approach individuals and organisations that are doing inspiring work who assist or support people living with disability, mental health conditions, chronic illness and their caregivers, and I highlight this in a story all about them. 

You can receive this beautifully presented lifestyle magazine in both electronic and hard copy formats.  Simply subscribe and provide your mailing details and you will receive HoneyBee Lifestyle Magazine in your inbox or mailbox (or both) seasonally throughout the year. 

If you would like to be considered as a Writer/Contributor for HoneyBee Lifestyle Magazine please click here.

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Thanks to the incredible generosity of our sponsor Gaby Worthington Managing Director of Dependable Laundry Solutions, we are able to offer this magazine to you at no cost. We are so grateful to her and her company for supporting our magazine, and our work for the last twelve years. Gaby didn't hesitate to come on board when I created this new lifestyle magazine and has given a glowing testimonial on the bottom of the home page for you to read.