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Melissa Dumitru 
HoneyBee Lifestyle Magazine

Marie Williams
Founder The Platform WA

Jackie Rowe
Focus Coaching

Qualified Community Services Support Worker
Consultant Chronically Inspired AU
Mental Health Educator WARCA

Courageous Provocateur & Disability Advocate
Lived Experience Expert Merakoi
Mad about interior design

Melissa is a qualified Community Services Support Worker and Consultant in the Self Help and Support Group Sector.  She is also an Educator for the WA Recovery College Alliance.

She has been involved in non-profit and charities for over 12 years.  She was the Founder and CEO of PHNA a Network for people living with pulmonary hypertension, the progressive disease she lives with too. 


She is passionate about representing the voices of those living with chronic conditions and making them feel included and heard in a beautifully presented non clinical way. 


Apart from producing a magazine Melissa also runs a social support group called "The TasteBuds Club" and works with intellectually disabled young adults.


Founder The Platform WA
Consultant/Support Worker
Mental Health Educator WARCA
Carer Advocate Intellectual Disabilities
Lived Experience Carer & Change-Maker! 

Mad about art!

Marie is the Founder of The Platform WA, a new community group based in WA, and focused around intellectual disabilities for young adults like her daughter Laura. 


Marie has been undertaking Leadership Training, and completed her Mental Health Educators Course for the WA Recovery College Alliance, where she is co-designing courses aimed at people in the community living with intellectual disability.


She is a change-maker working at the coal-face to improve perception and awareness. She has several years experience working in the non-profit sector for the Charity PHNA.


She worked for Telecom, the WA Police and trained as a Teachers Assistant all while raising three children. 


Qualified Mindset Coach
Training Facilitator
Motivational Speaker
Beach Dweller

Jackie is a University qualified Life Coach, Strengths Based Practitioner, Psych K Facilitator, and Women's Circle Facilitator.


With a background in Early Childhood Years, Families and Community, Jackie now works predominantly with women to empower and inspire.


Her vision is for all women to realise their amazing true potential, to speak their truth without fear, and live a life they love. 

Jackie is warm and approachable and passionate about empowering women in all aspects of their lives both personal and work. 


She is multi talented and experienced in several fields and can guide you on many levels both work and private. 

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Erica Huntzinger - USA

Lived Experience Carer
Public Relations Awareness Ambassador
for phaware.global
Contributor for "The Mighty" online 

Erica is an Associate Producer on the I'm Aware That I'm Rare podcast for phaware global association.


She has spent the last decade raising awareness about pulmonary hypertension through public relations campaigns including PSA's for national television, legislative advocacy and the phaware podcast. Erica has an MPH in Health Policy and Management from UCLA.


Erica has a lived experience as a Carer and daughter to someone living with and dying from pulmonary hypertension.   Erica also writes for The Mighty online newsletter. 


Hayley Solich

Hayley is a multi-award winning community engagement and Lived Experience Professional who is nationally active in advocating for change in the mental health system. 


Hayley builds capacity and awareness to create social change by listening to the perspectives of others, validating and uplifting them. 


She uses her creativity, communication, leadership, facilitation and engagement skills to influence change at the highest levels. 

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Jacqueline Du Grussa

Sociologist specialising in the area of Trauma,

Addiction & Recovery, Founder Women's

& Men's Recovery Community

Founder and Managing Director Recovery Collective Ltd


Jacqueline is currently consulting for an Indigenous organisation, developing various new culturally specific recovery based projects.


Jacqui is the Founder of Women’s Recovery Community and Men’s Recovery Community which offer 24/7 support for women and men in all forms of recovery in WA, , interstate and overseas.


She is the Managing Director for The Recovery Collective Inc.  Mother to three children, documentary buff and passionate about all things that empower our most vulnerable on their recovery journeys.

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Dianne Murphy

Mystery Writer???
"The Girl in the Silk Green Dress

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Fay Bahemia

The writer behind the ''Girl in the silk green dress" is someone with many years writing experience. 


This mystery writer studied Journalism and has a very good understanding of social justice and community.  

I approached this mystery writer to offer a fictional character story line that we can all enjoy and look forward to.  

I hope you enjoy their work as much as we are enjoying sharing it with you. 

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Helen Blanchard

Angela Famiano 

Coming to our Winter Edition
Award Winning Author
Kez Wickham St George

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