A little history for you..

In early 2020 as everyone will know we were struck with the deadly Coronavirus COVID-19 which changed the course of the way many services were previously received. This included medical services and appointments.


ConnectGroups Association WA were recruited by the WA Primary Health Alliance to put together and execute a small project to raise awareness and provide information on how to utilise the #Telehealth services available. Initially four "Champions" were chosen to become #Consumer Representatives for the conditions they represented. I was one of those chosen, and in my case the illness that was promoted is #Pulmonary Hypertension.

We began the process by asking our members to contribute to a survey we put together to gather information about what they already knew about #Telehealth, and how they felt about using it.  The results were very positive, and quite interesting. Knowledge and confidence was quite high, but more information was needed to consider use of the service. Another strong view was wanting your GP or Specialist to actually "see you" and give you a once over visual scan so they may be able to pick up on things that might get missed. 


Some people were willing to risk going to their GP rather than use technology they didn't understand or have access to, and for some it just wasn't available, or the medical professional resisted accommodating their consumers with this platform. On the other hand there were many people living with one or more chronic conditions, including mental health issues, who were able to utilise this valuable service for the first time. This enabled them to have multiple people attend one appointment, all via the Telehealth service and without leaving their home! This was revolutionary for some of us living with chronic illness, myself included.


Due to the COVID-19 virus the number of people with #Chronic Conditions that stopped visiting their GP's was alarming to say the least. This project was put together with the hope that both medical, and allied health professionals could come together with the people who needed their services the most, and use this platform that had previously been underutilised or only for rural residents. 

On this page you will find all the basics, the #Frequently Asked Questions, #Testimonals, and some short informative #video presentations to help you feel more confident moving forward in asking for an appointment using the #Telehealth services. More information can be found on the HOST SITE ConnectGroups Association WA.

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Enjoy our short presentation on using the

#Telehealth service.


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produced by ConnectGroups WA 

Preview the #Telehealth Film produced by ConnectGroups WA with our participants,

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