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I don't know many people who do not enjoy going out to a lovely cafe or restaurant and sharing a meal or even just a coffee and cake with a friend, family, or in a group. 

Being social together when you have a chronic condition can often mean you are left isolated and unable to get out and about.  In my experience if people feel safe, included, and are interested in seeing and mixing with the people who come along, they usually try to make the effort to attend. 

I know on so many occasions I didn't feel like attending events or functions, but I forced myself to go along and join in. I felt so much better afterwards for having made those meaningful connections. 

Being included, welcomed, and feeling safe in the space you meet up in is also very important. 

The act of fellowship over a shared meal has often led to meaningful discussion between us. Shared stories, building on relationships, and forming real connections that lasted, and added to the quality of our lives. Others who really understand your story and accepted you.

Since the arrival of the Corona-virus Pandemic many things have had to change. We have moved online for the most part, which has prevented those face-to-face outings and meetups. I for one missed those very much. In WA we are fortunate to date that we can meet again in person, so I have come up with a new concept called "Gather Together - TasteBuds Club", a support group with a difference!  
To date we have been meeting at the Herdsman Lake Tavern and the members are really happy to stay at this location for now. The staff take very good care of us, there is ample parking, comfortable seating, toilets nearby, and its air-conditioned. Not to mention the delicious and affordable food!

The sense of belonging we have felt on renewing these meetings face to face have been invaluable. I hope you will consider joining us for our next get together. Everyone is welcome at my table so please join us. Melissa x 

Details are on the invitation above, or you can RSVP -
M: 0418930291 or
E: chronicallyinspiredau@gmail.com  
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