Remembering  our Angels

Gone but never forgotten

This page is dedicated to the memory of our beloved Angels who have died from a chronic illness or disease.  If you have an Angel who has passed away due to chronic illness or disease who you would like added ​to our memorial, page please contact me.

Christine Wood 2019

Mary Rigoni 2014

Joyce Willis 2015

Anne Barter 2018

Gail Dent 2017

Pamela Mork 2017

Petra Zele 2012

Jean Gawthorne 2017

Samantha Starr 2015

Dorothy Harris 2016

Tracy Radford 2016

Marlene Mitchell 2012

Bereavement - Quick Tips: Some do's and don'ts


  • Seek support from those who are able to give it. A hug can go a long way.

  • Talk to others who have experienced loss.

  • Talk or journal about the meaning of loss to you and the things you're going to miss about the deceased.

  • Find a routine and stick to your new schedule, even if you feel you're just going through the motions. 

  • Recognise your feelings for what they are rather than why they are. Acknowledging a feeling can help you work through it. 

  • Use writing, art and music to express and explore your feelings and thoughts.

  • Be forgiving and patient with yourself. It's alright to make mistakes or lose your concentration. 

  • Be good to yourself. Get the rest you need, do things you enjoy, and offer yourself small rewards for meeting your daily goals. 

  • Give yourself time. Time does heal, but just how long it takes to heal varies considerably from person to person.

  • Seek guidance from someone you trust who can offer you both wisdom and empathy.



  • Try to make major life decisions too quickly.

  • Numb your pain with depressive chemicals such as alcohol or other drugs.

  • Deny your feelings.

  • Isolate or hide out from yourself and others.

  • Expect every day to get better. Accept ups and downs. 

(Adapted from Colgrove, et al., 1991)

Original source

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