Mindful  Living

Mindful living is a buzz term that has become more popular in recent times. I thought I knew what it meant but I was wrong. 

What Does Living Mindfully Actually Mean? Being mindful means being an impartial observer. It is the ability to stay present in the moment without allowing the mind to get side-tracked. ... As a result, mindfulness can open a path to the best possible long-term outcome in every situation.

Sounds easy enough doesn't it?   Maybe not... I don't know about you but I get side tracked very easily, heck I forget what I am doing walking from one room to another! I am not always an impartial observer, and I been trying for years to stay present in the moment, something I think I will be working on for eternity.  

I am sure you have all read about how we should be more active listeners? Do you ever find yourself inadvertently formulating the answers in your head, or a reply to somebody you are talking with even before they've finished? I am pretty sure we are all guilty of this at times, plus conversation is so exciting at times that we want to contribute and share what we have to say.


There is nothing wrong with that. I think the issue for me and possibly for others, is the incessant 'inner chatter' that can feel like it's on a constant loop in your head that drives you bonkers. It can be so unbearable it actually makes you unhappy.  You can even start to believe that inner chatter and catastrophize over things that have not even happened.

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