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Chronically Inspired is a community support organisation and lifestyle initiative based in Western Australia.  Like most community support groups within the self-help and support sector of community services, we rely on donations, educational grants, sponsors, and fundraising for our survival. 

Over the years I have managed thousands of dollars of funding that went towards the organisation I worked for previously. None of the team members, myself included were paid for the work we did. Hours and hours of training, gaining skills and dedicating ourselves to projects and our members all went unpaid. I don't do this work to get paid, or I would have given up years ago. I do however need funds to help me enrich my platforms and use the best apps, graphics and programs to share the support in the many formats that are needed. 

As such funding is needed to pay for things like graphics, postage, subscriptions to programs, advertising, projects and so on. If you would like to donate or make a bequest on behalf of a loved one to our Chronically Inspired community please contact me or use the banking details provided. 

Many thanks Melissa Dumitru


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Our Sponsors who make our work possible to support you are:

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All of these amazing business sponsors were instrumental in helping me to achieve many projects and host events, raise awareness and create resources when I was working as the CEO for Pulmonary Hypertension Network Australia. I am extremely humbled and grateful that they didn't hesitate to come onboard and support me in my new initiative.