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Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day 2022
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Erica Huntzinger - USA

Lived Experience Carer
Public Relations Awareness Ambassador for phaware.global
Contributor for "The Mighty" online 

Erica is an Associate Producer on the I'm Aware That I'm Rare podcast for phaware global association.


She has spent the last decade raising awareness about pulmonary hypertension through public relations campaigns including PSA's for national television, legislative advocacy and the phaware podcast. Erica has an MPH in Health Policy and Management from UCLA.


Erica has a lived experience as a Carer and daughter to someone living with and dying from pulmonary hypertension.   


Erica also writes for The Mighty online newsletter. 

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I am thrilled to share Erica's article with you from our October Enewsletter celebrating Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month 2021.  Please find the PDF of Erica's article "What I would Tell My Younger Self About Care-giving".  HERE