Awards and Achievements 

at work and personally

There was nothing more thrilling and unexpected than when I was nominated and won the prestigious C.A.S.T award from the peak body for self help and support, ConnectGroups Association. The "Community & Support Tribute" award is given to one recipient every two years and is nominated and chosen from the sector in Western Australia.


Nobody was more shocked than me to hear my name being announced as the winner for 2016. The award was presented to me by the very honourable Professor Lyn Beazley and Dr Carmen Lawrence. It was an extremely humbling experience to be recognised for the work I have done in the community services sector for people living with pulmonary hypertension in Australia. 

In 2017 my organisation Pulmonary Hypertension Network Australia was nominated for an award for "Most Innovative Self Help & Support Group" for our production of the first patient resource in Australia to be produced by a peer run organisation. "The PH Patient Pack" as we called it, was a comprehensive compilation of essential resources and information for both the newly diagnosed and long term people living with pulmonary hypertension. A lot of research and development went into this A5 sized pack. Collaborations with both our members who have the lived experience, and our medical advisors, took place to ensure the appropriate information was included. The production of this pack would not have been possible without community support from other organisations to complete and print this valuable resource. We were honoured to receive this award from ConnectGroups on behalf of our entire team and membership. We also have to recognise and thank "The Lions Club of Whitford" & Business weigh n' pay, who funded the "Invisible Illness section of the pack.  

Every year the Health Consumer Council WA hosts its annual awards for excellence in the community services sector. In 2019 I was nominated and became a finalist for my work as a Health Consumer Advocate. (I am on the far left)

In 2016 our community support group were awarded one of 12 International grants through the Tom Lantos Community Services Education Grants. Every year Pulmonary Hypertension Association USA selects 12 finalists from hundreds of applications around the globe.  

We worked really hard to apply for this grant never dreaming for a moment that we would be successful. Without this grant money we would not have been able to complete and print our "Patient Pack" for those living with pulmonary hypertension in Australia as an independent 'peer support group. It was a very exciting moment. 

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