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Melissa Dumitru
Founder Chronically Inspired

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Why I chose this work

I have a passion to strive to improve the lives and bring inclusion to as many people as possible, 

with a lived experience of disability and chronic illness, or mental health conditions.

My Intention

Is to inspire others through the stories of those with lived experiences of disability and 

chronic illness personally, or through a family member or friend.

My Role

I act as a storyteller, net-worker and consultant in the space of chronic illness and disability.

 Who Benefits   

We all do, but in particular individuals, families and friends of those with a 

lived experience of chronic illness and disability.

Advertise with us

After much consideration, discussion and further training I have narrowed down the work I want to be involved in and that I find fulfilling and most rewarding. 

Producing a Lifestyle Magazine like HoneyBee really gets me excited. Being able to showcase individuals and organisations or businesses, support groups and more, in a story that shines a light on them and shares their story with others, is very rewarding. 

Being able to connect people, network with others and assist with bringing people together for a common goal for the good of our community is what I live for! 

For over 12 years I was lucky enough to have Sponsors from the Private sector who allowed us to carry out many of our events, and promotions in the Charity I ran. The ability to be able to share with the masses can be very expensive and prohibitive if you don't have the right support. 

To date I have had several really dedicated businesses who continue to sponsor me in my new endeavour of Chronically Inspired - Life.Beyond.Disability, because they believe in my vision and my work ethic.  See a Testimonial (bottom of the page).

I have always offered free advertising and promotion as part of this agreement. We include your logo, and contact details, socials, website and do a story on you or your organisation as part of what we can do for you. In return we have had campaigns sponsored directly in a one-off capacity, or long term sponsorship like the company who pays for the printing of our magazine and the postage for it to go out to the subscribers/members of our community.  (Gaby Worthington CEO Dependable Laundry Solutions).

Now as I enter into a new direction I have decided to once again approach people for sponsorship towards our ongoing costs such as subscriptions to the many graphics packages I use to produce the publication, and now into advertising. 

Advertising can be expensive and limited depending on how wide your audience is. A common mistake that is made about the chronic illness and disabled communities is that we don't pay attention to advertising, or like to shop.  The exact opposite is true, we tend to pay more attention to see just how inclusive and accessible your products and services are.

I am entering into a new side of my business by encouraging you to advertise with us and widen your audience base to include those living with chronic conditions and to get you really thinking about how you deliver your service to these members of our wide community, for which there are a lot!